Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Easily Convert Partition Format from Fat32 to Ntfs

First of All go to Run by pressing window plus R (window+R) button on your keyboard. Below pop up will be appeared on the screen. Just type CMD and press enter.
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By Entring CMD you will get the below window.

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Type the following code (just like showed in the screenshot) to get your partition converted from Fat32 to NTFS 

convert <your partition label>: /fs:ntfs
For me Here I will use partition D
convert d: /fs:ntfs
Latest Windows Tutorials - windows to internet

And Now Press Enter and follow instructions.

 And finally your partition will be converted to format whatever you want. 

                  By this method you would not lose any data of any partition and any time you can change your partition format. It is personally tested by me when I had files of size more than 4 GB and it was asking to change the partition format from fat to ntfs. So I tried the above method and then files were easily transferred from USB to partition. 

Conversion of Fat into NTFS is therefore necessary because fat does not allow file of size more than 4 GB.

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