Saturday, December 10, 2011

Media channels And Veena Malik

She's in news reports once again and that time with increased glamour and allure. This really is because of her alleged photo shoot for FHM India’s December cover. Though she's refusing this and she has every straight away to do this as with this tech world anything can be done where by the editor of the magazine is consistently proclaiming that this image shoot is genuine and it has been performed by Veena Malik and never by morphing. Controversy is deepening and Veena Malik will quickly consider the magazine to the court and has now filed case in opposition to FHM India for loss worthy of Rs100 million claiming the men’s journal had morphed her clothes-on photos into nudes because of its December 2011 issue. Let’s wait around and pay attention to which manner things move and who end up being true.

There are specific points which frustrated me relating to sensationalism of that matter by us and press. The action of Veena Malik if actual is condemnable and should not be recognized but we ought to wait for a items to subside first therefore we should start passing our judgment. The problem being faced by us from last 64 years is the fact that we're so great at completing the storyline and passageway choice without even hearing the aggrieved person and without looking forward to the court’s judgment.

Simply to improve their rankings all Television channels are displaying this story since the breaking reports. What's actual breaking in this particular? Can they mind telling that whenever countless girls every day get raped in their own individual birthplace why isn’t that the breaking news because of their channels? Simply because that won’t enhance their viewership and recommendations and appearing with an Indian Magazine by an leisure business specialist which is designed to do such things as this as she's within this profession is now breaking news. Will they mind telling why Child Sexual abuse, insufficient universities, killing within the name of religion and culture isn’t breaking news? Shall we be only left to cope with Veena Malik’s issue? Aren’t there hundreds and countless more essential challenges that they should emphasize first to be responsible media?


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